February 17, 2022

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Gorilla Netting Extends Driving Range Netting at The First Tee of Atlanta (Metro)
Increasing Golf Technology Increases Need For Ball Containment


(Tampa, Florida) Gorilla Netting won a contract with The First Tee of Atlanta and Asque’s Construction to extend the driving range netting system at The First Tee of Atlanta, now The First Tee of Metro Atlanta.

The extension of the golf netting system was completed in a few days by Gorilla Netting, a Florida-based netting contractor. Adding 50-feet in length and continuing the 90-foot-high netting system already in place. This project was a part of a larger renovation project undertaken at the John A. White Golf Course.

With rising technological advances in the golfing industry, the need to contain balls of play, or at minimum, deflect and protect to mitigate the injury to patrons and passersby or damage to surrounding property is increasing as well.

Gorilla Netting is an international netting contractor specializing in sports and barrier netting systems for virtually any application. Gorilla Netting serves customers of all types, including public and private companies, county and state municipalities, golf courses, golf driving ranges, baseball fields, colleges and universities, government agencies, and the United States military. Gorilla Netting barrier netting systems help offer increased safety and protection to facilities and their customers, employees, and surrounding properties… view full press release

You can download this press release here: Gorilla Netting Extends Driving Range Netting at The First Tee of Atlanta (Metro)

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