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Please contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for below or have a general question. We provide one-of-a-kind and custom golf netting solutions.

Golf Range Barrier Netting Systems are barrier netting structures designed to contain or deflect golf balls at facilities like driving ranges, golf courses, and golf entertainment facilities netted golf enclosures or practice cages.

Gorilla Netting constructs golf netting systems for public and private driving ranges and golf courses. Our netting services are turnkey and all-inclusive. We can help you plan your netting system’s layout design and placement. Our team designs, engineers, and installs your golf netting system from start to finish.

Whether you need a new full golf driving range build or a single golf netting span to protect your players and patrons, Gorilla Netting does it all. Our skilled team of designers, engineers, and installers has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

We also specialize in methods for designing and installing pole embedments and foundations. We can design your golf netting system with wood, steel, or composite poles. Wood poles can sometimes be limited to 70–75 feet high above the ground, depending on the supply and location of your golf netting system.

Driving Range Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Driving Range Netting

Turnkey Driving Range Netting Systems, designed with wood or steel support poles.

Golf Course Netting by Gorilla Netting

Golf Course Netting

Golf Course Fairway Netting, Overhead Walkway Netting, Course Home Protection.

Golf Netting Enclosures by Gorilla Netting

Golf Enclosure Netting

Small or Large Open-Bay Netted Practice Cages designed with wood or steel support poles.

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Lasting Quality

We know what it takes to produce quality golf netting material, from design to installation to maintenance and repair. We also know what it takes to create the perfect protective barrier for your driving range, golf course, golf entertainment facility, or enclosed golf practice area.

Utilizing a custom-built golf netting system gives you complete control. You can ensure that it’s made of high-quality materials that will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Other systems can break down over time, costing thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain and repair. Gorilla Netting systems are Built Gorilla Strong.™ with quality and durability in mind. Our golf range net systems will outlast and outperform other netting systems on the market.

Custom Golf Netting Options

If you want to install your golf range net system around trees or other obstacles, you’ll have more flexibility with our custom-built options. This means that your fence will be more effective at keeping balls from leaving your range and going into areas where they can cause damage or hurt people. Our golf netting systems are highly customizable, and we can design netting systems for any soil or climate conditions.

Size is not a factor. We can design and install taller golf netting enclosures and golf netting systems. Additionally, we can make your netting system retractable or with an emergency breakaway feature. These features protect the integrity of your system from high winds and ice storms.

We can build your golf range barrier netting system to blend in with its surroundings or stand out. Our experts will design your system how you want it to look and fit in with your facility while maintaining peak performance. Gorilla Netting uses only the best quality netting materials and superior installation methods. You can rest assured that your investment will last longer than any other.

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Built Gorilla Strong.™

Why Choose Gorilla Netting?

When it comes to golf netting, not all netting companies are the same. Some companies will throw some netting panels up on poles, cut off the excess, and call it a day. Some think installing a quality golf netting system is as simple as installing fencing. Then there are those that will submit the lowest price tag they can to get the job and then surprise you with extra charges throughout the project.

Gorilla Netting has the expertise to design, engineer, and install high-quality netting systems at competitive prices. Our reputation stands for itself. Our clients and customers matter—our word matters.

Having golf range barrier netting installed by experienced professionals like Gorilla Netting eliminates many dangers that golfers and guests may face. Flying balls hitting golfers from a distance can cause serious injury. Our high-quality netting systems minimize these hazards and create a safe environment for everyone involved.

We are here to help you with your golf netting needs—whatever they may be. We offer expertise, efficiency, quality, and attention to detail on every project, big or small.

Whether a weekend warrior or a golf pro, your players and patrons want to play the game with safety in mind. Let us take care of your golf netting needs so they can enjoy a day on the course without worry. Contact us today for a free estimate on installing golf netting for your facility – +1 (800) 274-1079.

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