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Debris Netting, Litter Control Fence, Landfill Netting Systems

As a full-service netting company, we can design, engineer, and install netting systems for practically any application or environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, or if you have a general inquiry please contact us and let us know, we regularly provide one-of-a-kind custom netting solutions.

Litter Control Fences or Debris Netting Systems are vertical netting systems designed to contain windblown litter and debris at landfills, waste management facilities, recycling plants, and waste transfer facilities.

No matter where your facility is located, you’re likely to be susceptible to windblown debris, and keeping it contained can be a daunting task. However, litter control fences and debris netting installations can help mitigate or completely contain wind-blown debris. Gorilla Netting can design, engineer, and install a litter control/debris netting fence system to contain windblown debris at your landfill or even a debris control netting enclosure at recycling centers, transfer stations, and construction sites.

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Our landfill litter fence designs and installations are second-to-none and provide the best debris containment for your facility. We only use the highest quality netting materials for our installations, combined with wood or steel poles depending on the needs and preferences of your facility. Your litter control fence can be installed at varying or consistent levels and to any heights required for your facility.

Don’t settle for an inferior product or installation at your facility; contact Gorilla Netting today.

Typical Litter Control Fence Cantilever & Skirt Options
Typical Litter Control Fence Cantilever & Skirt Options


We can build your litter control fence to heights of 20′, 40′, 60′ or higher.
It’s standard practice for litter control fences and most vertical debris netting system to feature 8″ – 12″ (min) cantilevers at the top of the netting structure.
Your debris netting system can be configured with a skirt system at the bottom of your structure along the entirety of the installation or in specific areas where the netting needs to be lifted.
Your netting system can feature different types of netting materials such as Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, or a choice of confidential material not available in our published information.

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At Gorilla Netting, we take tremendous pride in our work; our netting systems are second to none. We only use the best materials for our builds; we are innovative in our designs, and our installations are durable and stand the test of time.

Our team will work quickly, efficiently, and safely to install your netting system. In addition, all of our installations are covered by a full warranty provided to you once the installation is completed and signed off by you.

Don’t go another day risking the wind-blown debris escaping your facility’s perimeter or entering our waterways; contact us today so we can talk about what Gorilla Netting can do for your debris netting needs.


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