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As a full-service netting company, we can design, engineer, and install netting systems for practically any application or environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, or if you have a general inquiry please contact us and let us know, we regularly provide one-of-a-kind custom netting solutions.

Security Perimeter Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting are vertical netting systems designed to deter, mitigate, or stop delivery of contraband by perimeter fence toss-overs or any other launch methods such as potato guns, slingshots, sports balls, etc.

It’s not only high-tech drone drop schemes that are being used to bring contraband into secure facilities, but the lowest of low-tech schemes are also bypassing state-of-the-art security and surveillance by simply tossing items over perimeter security fences. Each attempt to bring in contraband is a potential threat. Narcotics, phones, tobacco, and weapons are stuffed or taped into bags and sports balls and tossed over, hoping no one is the wiser, just waiting to be picked up by an inmate.

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Our Security Perimeter Netting Systems are built to any height requirement. In certain scenarios, the perimeter netting systems can attach to existing fence lines and extend from there, or it can be designed to be a standalone system. Depending on your facility’s security needs and surrounding climate conditions, there are various netting material and size options to choose from for your system. We do not publish all of the netting/material options on our website to keep some security features confidential. Support poles for the system can be installed using wood or steel, depending on the height required for your system or facility preference. Additionally, the steel poles can be painted to better blend into your location’s surrounding environment if so desired.

We work with all types and sizes of facilities, public and private. Gorilla Netting leadership has a background of working with law enforcement in multiple areas, giving us a critical understanding of security and great attention to detail. We pride ourselves on being innovative with our system designs and will work with you to secure your facility quickly and efficiently.


A standard height for a netted security perimeter fence is 50′-60′. However, we can build your netting system to any height using wood or steel poles.

Your netting system can be designed to feature cantilever extensions at the top of the netting structure if required.

In some designs, your netting system can be attached at the top of your existing perimeter fence with a ‘skirt system’ or the bottom of your existing fence, providing a complete secondary layer.

Your netting system can feature different types of netting materials such as High Tenacity Polypropylene, Nylon, Polyester, or a choice of confidential material not available in our published information.

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Built Gorilla Strong.™

At Gorilla Netting, we take tremendous pride in our work; our netting systems are second to none. We only use the best materials for our builds; we are innovative in our designs, and our installations are durable and stand the test of time.

Our team will work quickly, efficiently, and safely to install your netting system. In addition, all of our installations are covered by a full warranty provided to you once the installation is completed and signed off by you.

Don’t go another day risking the entry of contraband to your facility or the safety of your staff; contact us today so we can talk about what Gorilla Netting can do for your security perimeter netting needs.


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