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Melbourne, Florida

The Florida Institute of Technology first approached Gorilla Netting in early-2019 to design and install a new baseball backstop for their baseball program at the university.

Gorilla Netting’s scope of work quickly went from a single backstop netting project to dual backstop netting projects, including protective overhead netting installed on integrated backstop netting systems, plus a goal catch system for their football field. Gorilla Netting also supplied FIT with custom branded backstop wall padding.

Our team worked with FIT to coordinate our system installations with other contractors on-site at the time. As a result, we constructed the backstop netting systems while the backstop knee walls and new lighting were installed simultaneously.

The baseball and softball fields received new cable suspended tie-back backstop netting systems that extended over the dugouts for additional foul ball containment. With the position of the baseball and softball fields, Gorilla Netting utilized the back support poles to integrate both backstop systems and added the overhead netting in the integrated back support poles and cabling.

In addition to the backstop netting systems, Gorilla Netting demoed and replaced an old goal catch netting behind the football field end zones and provided the custom branded backstop knee wall padding.

As always, Gorilla Netting’s custom netting systems, materials, and labor are backed by a full coverage 5-year warranty.

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Project Details


Florida Institute of Technology


– #36 1-3/4″ Treated Knotted Nylon
– Powerline/Utility-Grade Hardware & Wire Rope
– Steel Support Poles
– Baseball & Softball Backstops
– Overhead Netting w/ Lighting Access Panel


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