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Backstop Netting Systems, Foul Ball Netting, Overhead Netting, Batting Cages

As a full-service netting company, we can design, engineer, and install netting systems for practically any application or environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, or if you have a general inquiry please contact us and let us know, we regularly provide one-of-a-kind custom netting solutions.

Baseball Netting Systems are barrier netting systems designed to contain or deflect foul balls of play. Furthermore, baseball barrier netting systems can protect fans in the stands from the occasional errant bat.

Baseball is America’s greatest pastime – but when a baseball or bat leaves the field of play and takes aim at a fan in the stands, it can become a dangerous situation and an additional liability. Gorilla Netting can help mitigate those dangers with a protective baseball barrier netting system. Additionally, we can extend our protective netting systems down the sidelines of your baseball field. The extension of the net will run off the ends of our industry-leading backstop netting system.

Baseball Backstop Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Backstop Netting Systems

Backstop Netting Systems for all levels of play. Inline Or Tie-Back Suspended Systems.

Baseball Field Perimeter Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Perimeter Netting

Contain balls of play to the field with Foul Ball Perimeter Netting & Outfield Netting.

Protective Overhead Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Overhead Netting

Protect spectators of all ages with overhead netting in any area of your field or complex.

We can design, engineer, and install a superior protective barrier netting system for any facility. Whether you want to upgrade an existing netting system, add a completely new in-line barrier system, add a backstop tie-back cable system, you won’t find a better solution or team to do the job.

Baseball Netting Gauge (Twine Diameter) Guide
(Standard information diagram for Nylon, some tensile strengths vary.)

Softball/Baseball Netting Gauge Guidance Diagram

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Outside of using Nylon, Polyester, or High-Tenacity Polypropylene netting materials, we also utilize a specialty netting made from Dyneema® manufactured by one of our partners. Dyneema® is trademarked as “Simply the world’s strongest fiber.”™


  • Ultra-thin extreme duty fibers
  • Offers spectators more visibility than other netting materials
  • In a braided and knotless design, it is the strongest configuration available
  • Lighter and easier to handle
  • Maximum strength with minimum weight
  • Dyneema® is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE)

Dyneema Dyneema is a registered trademark owned by Royal DSM N.V.

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