Do You Have A Netting Project We Can Help With?

Every project is different; there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, so planning is vital. Our goal is to provide you with a cost-effective, superior turnkey netting structure while maintaining a safe and efficient installation process.

Whether you’re a private consumer, the prime contractor on a larger project, or a government agency, our process will adapt to the hierarchy demands however, the basic requirements will never change.



From your initial contact, we will work with you to gather the information needed to provide you with a quote for your netting system installation. Some of the information required from you will be items such as:

  • Is there an existing structure?
  • Wood or steel poles? (If steel, what color?)
  • Dimensions of your netting system.
  • Type of netting materials required for your application.
  • Determine the removal of any existing materials or spoils.
  • Location of the installation project.
  • Is there landscaping or trees that need to be managed, removed, or protected?
  • What are the other surrounding elements?

We’ll review the information, develop a formal quote for your installation, and determine our next steps in planning the installation of your netting structure.


Plan & Strategize

We’ll lay out the process for the completion of your system installation from start to finish. Things like:

  • Turnaround time for the manufacturing of your custom netting.
  • Times and access points for the property.
  • Material delivery and crew arrival times.
  • Walk-through and markup before installation.
  • Date and time to begin the installation.
  • Walk-through and inspection post installation.
  • Sign-off post-installation inspection.
  • Delivery of your netting system warranty.


Installation & Inspection

Before we begin installing your netting system, we will do one more preliminary review of the details. Once everything has been reviewed and approved, the materials and crew will arrive on specified dates to begin your system installation.

Installation tasks may include:

  • Clearing of landscaping, trees, and brush.
  • Removal of existing/broken structure, hardware, and netting.
  • Protection of any sidewalks, curbs, or concrete fixtures, etc.
  • Installation of poles + verify angles, tension, and depths along the way.
  • Installation of cables and other hardware.
  • Installation of netting panels.
  • Review the entire system.
  • Worksite cleanup.
  • Project inspection.


Sign-Off & Warranty

Upon completing your system installation, walk-through, and inspection, we will confirm that the worksite and your property are cleaned up accordingly. Additionally, Gorilla Netting will perform instruction, education, and training on any applicable systems post-installation.

Finally, unless any additional adjustments are needed, the installation is complete, and Gorilla Netting will issue your warranty.

Our Clients Say

“I know this wasn’t a cookie-cutter engagement for you guys; but you consistently did a great job from the first inquiry, all the way to the last elements of the transaction. I was very pleased to have worked with you and your team on this project and hope to do so again in the future if the opportunity presents itself.’


“Gorilla Netting designed new netting across our creek and repaired badly damaged old netting. No corners were cut, substantial losses were prevented and their meticulous attention to detail more than justified lower bids from other companies.”


“The Gorilla Netting crew was professional from start to finish. We couldn’t be happier with the results.”


Valued Clients

We value every client and the relationships with have with them. Our goal is to educate, provide superior quality products and services, and build long-term relationships with each client we work with. Below are just some of the clients we get to work with on a daily basis.

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