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What We Do

As a full-service netting company, we can design, engineer, and install netting systems for practically any application or environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, or if you have a general inquiry please contact us and let us know, we regularly provide one-of-a-kind custom netting solutions.

Golf Range Barrier Netting Systems

Golf Range Barrier Netting

Everything Golf Netting related: Protective Netting for ranges, walkways, and more.

Driving Range Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Driving Range Netting

Turnkey Driving Range Netting Systems, designed with wood or steel support poles.

Golf Course Netting by Gorilla Netting

Golf Course Netting

Golf Course Fairway Netting, Overhead Walkway Netting, Course Home Protection.

Golf Netting Enclosures by Gorilla Netting

Golf Netting Enclosures

Small or Large Open-Bay Netted Practice Cages designed with wood or steel support poles.

Baseball Backstop Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Backstop Netting Systems

Backstop Netting Systems for all levels of play. Inline Or Tie-Back Cable Suspended Systems.

Baseball Field Perimeter Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Perimeter Netting

Contain balls of play to the field with Foul Ball Perimeter Netting & Outfield Netting.

Sports Complex Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Sports Complex Netting

Contain balls of play, and protect patrons and property with barrier netting for foul or errant balls.

Batter’s Eyes by Gorilla Netting

Outfield Batter’s Eye

Our Outfield Batter’s Eye is available in a variety of designs, colors, and custom print.

Netted Drone Enclosures by Gorilla Netting

Netted Drone Enclosures

Turnkey Netted Drone Enclosures designed to contain UAV/UAS technology for testing and training.

Security Perimeter Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Security Perimeter Netting

Security Perimeter Netting systems deter, mitigate, or stop delivery of contraband by perimeter fence toss-overs.

Security Perimeter Netting Systems by Gorilla Netting

Contraband Netting

Overhead Contraband Netting installations designed to deter, mitigate, or catch contraband delivery by air (drone drops).

Litter Control Fences by Gorilla Netting

Landfill/Debris Netting

Debris Litter Control Fences designed to contain windblown debris from landfills, recycling plants, and transfer stations.

Pole Installation Services by Gorilla Netting

Pole Setting

Gorilla Netting provides pole setting/installation services for public and private projects. We offer simple, cost-effective solutions.

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We value every client and the relationships with have with them. Our goal is to educate, provide superior quality products and services, and build long-term relationships with each client we work with. Below are just some of the clients we get to work with on a daily basis.

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