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Batter’s Eye, Batter’s Backstop Screen, Center Field Screen

As a full-service netting company, we can design, engineer, and install netting systems for practically any application or environment. If you don’t see what you’re looking for below, or if you have a general inquiry please contact us and let us know, we regularly provide one-of-a-kind custom netting solutions.

Batter’s Eye by Gorilla Netting

The Batter’s Eye or Hitter’s Backdrop is a solid dark-colored area behind center field that is used as a visual backdrop behind the pitcher directly in the line of sight of the player up at-bat. This solid dark area allows the baseball batter to see the ball being pitched against a dark and uncluttered background providing a clear contrast for safety and a successful play for the player up to bat with no distractions.

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Gorilla Netting’s Outfield Batter’s Eye is available in a variety of designs and support structures. Depending on your facility’s requirements and preferences, we can utilize various structure materials such as steel I-beams, wood poles, steel poles, or even integrate a system into an existing fence.

We can design and install your Batter’s Eye as a standard uninterrupted one-piece system or with a staggard pole layout. Either type of arrangement you chose can be installed by either direct embedment, or base plate mounted to anchor bolts.

Our Batter’s Eyes typically are installed with appropriate black or forest green color vinyl-coated polyester (VCP) or open mesh polypropylene (OMP) windscreen materials. Alternatively, we can also provide faux foliage materials for your Batter’s Eye.

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Built Gorilla Strong.™

Professionally engineered to meet local wind speeds and seismic requirements, Batter’s Eyes that have custom sizes and designs can meet higher wind speeds and seismic requirements if needed.

At Gorilla Netting, we take tremendous pride in our work; our netting systems are second to none. We only use the best materials for our builds; we are innovative in our designs, and our installations are durable and stand the test of time.

Our team will work quickly, efficiently, and safe to install your batter’s eye system. All of our installations are covered by a full warranty provided to you once the installation is completed, and signed off by you.

Don’t go another day risking liability for property or your patrons, contact us today so we can talk about what Gorilla Netting can do for your outfield batter’s eye needs.


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