#18 7/8″ Knotless Polyester Netting, Cut-To-Order

#18 7/8″ Knotless Polyester Netting, Cut-To-Order

$0.70 sq. ft.

#18 7/8″ Knotless Polyester Netting is a commercial-grade net is made from 100% polyester fiber, constructed on a rashel machine with a LIBA compound needle system. This black netting is UV and weather treated to last indoors and outdoors. Each netting panel is reinforced with a 1/4″ rope border with a spring clip at each corner. Each net is made to order in the USA.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price
None 6mm Spring Clips, Qty: 10 +$5.00 6mm Spring Clips, Qty: 25 +$12.50 6mm Spring Clips, Qty: 50 +$25.00
None Bungee Ball Tie-Downs, 8-Inch: Qty: 10 +$3.50 Bungee Ball Tie-Downs, 8-Inch: Qty: 25 +$8.75 Bungee Ball Tie-Downs, 8-Inch: Qty: 50 +$17.50 +$17.50
None Zip-Ties, 8-Inch 50LB: +$6.00 Zip-Ties, 8-Inch 120LB: +$10.00 Zip-Ties, 14-Inch 50LB: +$8.00 +$8.00


Warning: Black net treated with tar helps the net last much longer but could rubber off and mark up balls upon impact.

Is This Net Right For You? This netting works great as a backyard barrier net for those who live by golf courses. This net will stop most direct shots but is designed for a general barrier to reflect or contain golf or driving range play. If you’re constructing a golf practice cage or plan on hitting direct shots using irons or a driver at close ranges, we recommend using a 3/4″ high impact net. Additionally, this netting works great as perimeter netting for general barrier purposes, litter and debris control, and contraband prevention.

Colors: Black

Break Test: 165 lbs

Handling: 7-9 Business days

All orders are custom made to order, so please allow five (7-9) business days for production before shipping. Please add a note to your order or contact us for your order if you have any specific instructions.

Additional information

Weight .04 lbs


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